Friday 14 August 2015

Collection for the leak, or was it?

Last week after the car was returned (from having the gearbox leak fixed) I noticed there was still some fluid dripping onto my garage floor... I called and spoke to Caterham Midlands, who couldn't believe it was still leaking, and at which point I thought we agreed for them to be collect the car on the 6th August... Alas, there was no appearance from Keith and his collection van, and as I hadn't heard from them by 16:30 that day, I thought I'd call to chase them up.

To cut a long story short, I think Caterham and I misunderstood what we wanted, so I 100% re-booked the car to be collected this morning at 10am.

It's now 8pm and the car is still in the garage.  No phone call, no email, no collection - absolutely sweet FA, they simply didn't show up!  I'll ring them on Monday to see what's happened this time, but for now, the car is still in my possession, leaking fluids, some twelve months after this problem initially surfaced.

This is really, really poor...
The R500 should be in the Midlands right now, but Caterham didn't come and pick it up!
The R500 should be in the Midlands right now, but Caterham didn't come and pick it up!

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  1. When they go broke, they will moan on and on about how 'tough' it is for small volume car makers, and small British industry, to survive. They'll whinge about how the regulations are killing them, about EU laws, about competitive markets, about increasing costs... etc. etc. But nobody will talk about how completely hopeless they were at running a business (with a product that sells itself), and how they did everything they could to ensure they failed. They will cry in the corner about how all this happened 'to' them and they will never realise that they deserved it.

    Meanwhile, things will be fine and dandy over at Radical, Ariel, BAC, Zenos, Morgan,..


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