Thursday 2 February 2017

I'm 40 - Time for a Mid Life Crisis

Yup, I'm there... I'm now 'officially' allowed to have the mid-life crisis I've been having for the last two / three (maybe more!) years... I turned 40 today...

Aside from moving on a decade, and being 'one step closer to a bus-pass' there were a few benefits to turning 40...  Below are a couple of them:-

This lovely handmade Caterham Birthday card which was handmade by Liz Hawkins, all in the right colour with all the details too - a really cool gift... You can contact her on if you'd like your own card...
Handmade Caterham 40th Birthday Card
Handmade Caterham 40th Birthday Card
A handmade Caterham Nosecone and Tyre 40th birthday cake:-
Handmade 40th Birthday Cake
Handmade 40th Birthday Cake
A hat...
And oh... access to a 'few' track days :-)

Next up is the ARDS day at Castle Coombe Circuit on 8th Feb.

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