Wednesday 21 May 2014

Back from the spray shop

Received the email from Dean today to say the car has been returned from XK engineering, the paint has been inspected and he says the paint work is awesome (I don't think that's meant to take anything away from the CC factory paint jobs, but to emphasise how good XK are at this sort of thing).  The car has been painted clear over base, which is different to the standard two pack paint (which is so susceptible to the chipping), having said that I understand that as it's an open wheeled car and so low to the ground stone chips are inevitable and add a certain amount of patina to the history of the car.  But I'm glad I've now got a clear coat over the top of my base colour (of Porsche Riveria Blue 39E) which will go some way to protecting the overall finish of the paint.

Here is a picture of the car as it was being unloaded off the XK Engineering flat bed lorry:-
My Caterham R500 on XK engineering flat bed lorry after re-painting.
My Caterham R500 on XK engineering flat bed lorry after re-painting.
To further protect the paint, I am having stone chip protection film fitted to the nose cone, the full length of the body panels and on the rear arches.  This is booked in for Wednesday next week (28th May 2014), and I expect the triple strip decals to be refitted then too.  In the meantime the wheels are off being powder coated, the car will be re-assembled, the 620R seats and harnesses will be fitted (when they arrive) and then it'll be time to collect.

The registration paperwork was sent off to the DVLA on the 6th or 7th of May, which would mean it's been with them for around two weeks now... I spoke to them (the DVLA) a few days ago and it transpires that as I already have a number plate - R500 WOT (WOT=wide open throttle) that provided I can prove the documentation was delivered to the DVLA by way of signed for recorded delivery from Royal Mail I'd actually have a 14 day grace period to use the vehicle WITHOUT the need for a V5 or tax disc, however, if the paperwork isn't back with me after the 14 day grace period expires I'd have to stop using the vehicle.  

The point I'm trying to make is that any future builders that don't want to wait to drive their cars once the IVA has been approved, should purchase a private plate in advance and then can use their cars as soon as they can prove the documentation has been received by the DVLA - amazing, but true!


  1. You just keep setting yourself up....

    R500 NSI - (No Seats Included)
    R500 RFC - (Ready for crashing)

    and my favourite R500 SBF (Should'av bought Ferrari)

  2. Hi Dan
    Thanks for blog - was a great asset for my build (Supersport R). My car has been back at Caterham for IVA for quite a while but hope to get it back next week. I then have to wait about 3 weeks for registration. I have a plate for it B10 0TB so do you think I can use the same loophole you did to drive on the road? thanks Will

    1. Hi Will - yes I'm aware of your build... Glad my blog was of some assistance, however little (or large) that may have been :o)
      Good to hear you have finished, and will be on the road soon!
      Regarding the loop-hole, yes I'm sure you will be able to do so - just speak to the DVLA first to confirm.
      Good luck and hope to see you on the road at some point in the future...
      P.S. I've still never won on the BOTB! :-(

    2. Hi Dan. Thanks very much for the reply and I will certainly try my luck! Your blog has been invaluable (along with Derek) . Really hope to see you on the road and sorry you have not won BOTB......yet!! 620r?!


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