Saturday 10 May 2014

Passing the time with videos, games and spending

With roughly two or three weeks until my car is ready for collection, I thought I'd share some things that have kept me in the 'Caterham' frame of mind...

In no particular order, here are some of the Caterham video's I've really been enjoying.

The very first start of my R500
As you'd expect I've probably contributed towards 90% of the views of this video...

R500 Top Gear Test Track Power Laptime
The top gear lap of the R500 has been great fun to watch, over and over and over again... It's great that the stig took the R500 round the top gear test track (on a cold day) four tenths of a second faster than a million quid Bugatti Veyron!  Amazing really, and here is a link to the full list of top gear test track power lap times.

Caterham R500 at Ledenon Circuit in France
Great onboard camera work by the passenger, exhaust note sounds great, good driving (spin at 4min 30 aside!) and an all together great R500 video.  The circuit looks really nice too, and totally suited to the R500.  Here's a link to the circuit - shame it's in the very south of France, as I'd quite like to go there to have a spin (not literally like this driver did!)

Caterham 620R at Anglesey Circuit
Some awesome drifting in this video, shame the camera position doesn't quite do the opposite lock angles justice...

Caterham R300 drifting
Some superb drift skills by Vincent Beltoise in this R300 running on slicks...

Caterham R500 Vs 996 GT2 - Nurburgring battle lap2
Probably the most viewed R500 video on YouTube, but rightly so - amazing driving and a great battle with a 996 GT2.

Real Racing 3
Real Racing 3 logo with Caterham 620R
Real Racing 3 logo with Caterham 620R
I've spent quite a lot of time trying to unlock the Caterham 620R on real racing 3 on my iPad mini.  I've not actually unlocked it yet, but when I do you can be sure it'll have blue paint and orange stripes!  The game is actually really good - it's free for a start, you can race others online and it has a Caterham 620R in it - what more could you want!

Here is a link to the game on the Apple App Store:-

There is also an android version available on the Google Play Store, link here:-

Spending - AKA "upgraditis"
I've already managed to spend some cash on a few carbon upgrades...!  2x2 weave carbon headlights, carbon rear light blocks, fog and reversing lights and a carbon handbrake lever too.  Not for anything other than the wow factor, but I'm sure there'll be a weight saving nonetheless.  I'll do a post of each item, with comparison weight savings, the change process along with some before and after pictures too.

Hopefully the DVLA will process my IVA paperwork promptly as I don't think I can sustain this level of spending in the vain attempt to keep my serotonin levels up!

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