Thursday 31 July 2014

Blat to Classics on the Common Car Show, Harpenden (and back!)

Classics on the Common in Harpenden is a rapidly growing classic car (and bike) show held on the Harpenden commons.  It was this evening, my sister and her other half Derek (who helped with the build) were attending, so I decided to take a blat there to see what it was all about.

I was extremely surprised at the massive turn out of cars, all sorts of things there from Escort RS Turbo's to Ferrari F40 and F50's.  Very impressive, and I'll definitely go there again next year providing the weather is good - I may even exhibit my own car there too.

Here is a video of the blat there, a wander through one of the commons showing some of the thousands of cars on display - including the amazing Ferrari F40 (one of my favourite cars of all time) and the blat back.

As you can see from the video - even having already done a thousand miles, I'm still having an absolute blast, loving every second of driving it... and... I'd clearly got myself a job to do tightening my mirrors!  I found it difficult to set the mirrors up properly and get them tightened when I first fitted the aero screen as the tightening bolt is on the underside of the mount.  Another Caterham owner suggested it was best to drill a central hole through the aero screen and to tighten the mirror that way.  This solution was perfect.
Central hole drilled in aero screen to allow proper adjustment and tightening of the mirrors.
Central hole drilled in aero screen to allow proper adjustment and tightening of the mirrors.
On the blat there I'd noticed that my off side repeater had stopped working. As they are the new LED variants I'm not entirely sure what the problem is, but it seems like they are blown to me and I didn't think LED's could blow...?  I've checked all the wiring and everything seems in order...  Video comparison below, but I'll be sure to get a replacement ordered from Caterham tomorrow.

I'd also noticed my rear tyres were getting a touch on the low side, and with a track day at Snetterton coming up I thought the rear's would be well and truly finished after that, so in preparation of abused rears... I ordered two new Avon CR500's from the Caterhamparts online site yesterday.  The ordering process was no hassle, they sent an order confirmation and dispatch email and the tyres were delivered next day, so was as you'd expect in this day and age, but I'll definitely use them again.
Fresh 13 inch Avon CR500 rear tyres delivered next day by TNT.
Fresh 13 inch Avon CR500 rear tyres delivered next day by TNT.
With the Snetteron track day coming up next week I'll be doing some other modifications to the car over the next few days, to ensure I get through the noise test.  I've ordered a Titanium Raceco exhaust which has already been manufactured and I've also found a company who is prepared to polish it, I've written this in such a way as it was extremely difficult to find a company prepared to polish titanium as apparently it's quite a volatile material due to the dust and minor flakes that are removed in the polishing process.  Anyway... I've had a sneak picture of the work done on the exhaust so far and it looks really good - this will be delivered to me hopefully on friday allowing me to test the various decibel outputs with the two exhausts and air box configurations over the coming weekend.

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