Tuesday 8 July 2014

The Last Ever Caterham R500 Duratec

A press release by Caterham Cars today states that number 174 rolled off the production line yesterday and that is the end of the R500 Duratec.  The 620R is now the replacement model and at close to £10,000 more than the R500 I (like most) find it quite an expensive jump in the range.

A link to their press release is here.

As many of you may know I like to 'challenge' and here is the plaque of my car which is in actual fact number 175!  So by reckoning (and Caterham's numbering system) I actually have the last ever R500... I think they need to update their press release! :-)

Caterham R500 Duratec number 175 - the last R500 ever?
Caterham R500 Duratec number 175 - the last R500 ever?


  1. Maybe no #13?
    Fantastic blog BTW, keep it up.

  2. Looks like the article was updated after your post as it now says 176

    1. It's a good spot! And funnily enough after my dealings with Catetham during the build process I can well believe that they updated the press release!


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