Saturday 8 November 2014

Low Flying Magazine - October Front Cover

Where on earth have I been?  I'm sure everyone is desperate to know!?! (joke)..
Anyway... To explain the lack of blogging... work, work, more work, then a bit more work after that - had a real hectic time implementing a new CRM for our business - and once that was done I needed a holiday, so went to Sharm El Sheikh diving... Totally off topic, but my Scuba pictures are on my flickr account (for those of you that like that sort of thing).

Came back about two weeks ago, and to be honest the weather hasn't been 'Caterham' weather - well not for me anyway... So I don't really have much content to write about.

I did notice that the November Low Flying magazine came through the post this morning, and made me remember I took the from cover picture for the October issue - and didn't even write about it!

So here's a scan of the front cover:-
Front Cover of October 2014 Low Flying magazine.
The picture was taken on a Sony RX100MII camera in RAW and edited in Photoshop CS6.  The picture was taken at the Western end of the Elan Valley, B4574, near Cwmystyth and the cars are, mine in the foreground, then Alex's white R500D, Andy's blue R300D and Steve's black 1600 Superlight K Series - from our Mega One Day Wales and back blat back in August - seems a distant memory right now whilst I sit here looking out the window at the wind and rain.

So I may be able to get to the North Herts meet tomorrow, so there's some potential content there - and sadly after that it'll probably be the 'putting her to bed' post for a few months... Oh yeah and I must fit those Carbon Headlights I was in such a hurry to get completed! :o)

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