Saturday 3 January 2015

My First Blat of 2015

Sitting here typing right now, with the rain spilling down outside makes me extremely glad I took yesterday's glorious weather as a good opportunity to get my first blat of the year in.

So it was on with three fleeces, some gloves, my new blatting hat, my blatting shades and I was pretty much ready to go...  The car had been sitting in the garage for a couple of months, so I wasn't sure it was going to start... 

As you can tell it did, and what a great day for it... The roads were (fairly) empty and dry, but wow it was cold... Note to self - an additional fleece needed and I'll need to research a better blat hat - as the one I was wearing kept blowing off!
First blat of 2015 done.
First blat of 2015 done.
So that was that - I wonder how long it'll be until I get another chance to go out again... This weekend looks like a total washout, and with work on Monday my next 'chance' will be next weekend, but I already know I've other stuff going on... So it could be a while - best get researching some new bits to buy instead!

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