Friday 9 January 2015

New Track Day Wheels and Tyres - your votes are required..!

As I'm not a big fan of new years resolutions, I thought long and hard about ten things I wanted to try and do in (or for) my Caterham in 2015...

One of the things that came to mind was to get onto some ZZR tyres for extra grip on track days... I'd spoken to some of my friends who have tried the ZZR's and after taking their advice, I'm considering staying with the CR500's for the road and having a spare set of wheels with ZZR's fitted for track day use... I don't have a trailer (or a car where I can fit a tow-bar to either) so I need to be able to drive my car to track days, so the rubber needs to be road legal!

So... onto what wheels to get... As I've got 13" wheels, and want to stick with the smaller wheel size, the only real options to consider are:-
  • The New Caterham Apollo wheels
  • A set of Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2's
  • or another set of the Caterham Superlight 8 spoke wheels that I already have. 
I don't like the styling of the Apollo wheels, I think the Team Dynamics wheels don't look that good either, so I think I'm going to stick with another set of the Superlight 8 spoke wheels... If anyone out there has a set that they're looking to sell please get in contact!

I'm thinking as they're only going to be for occasional use, I may add a bit of colour to them to make them stand out a bit more, so I'm reaching out to the readers of my blog with a poll to see what the general consensus of what wheel colour I should go for...  Here are the options:-

Option 1 - Standard Anthracite

Option 1 - Standard Anthracite 8 spoke wheels
Option 1 - Standard Anthracite 8 spoke wheels
Option 2 - Gloss Orange wheels (please forgive my poor photoshop skills!)
(they should look more like the colour of the inset OZ racing wheels)

Option 2 - Gloss Orange Wheels
Option 2 - Gloss Orange Wheels
Option 3 - A bit of both... Matt black spokes, with orange rim and to give it a more 'racing' look... white AVON and ZZR wording on the tyrewall
(tyrewall wording like inset picture)
Option 3 - Matt black spokes with orange rim and white tyrewall wording
So it's over to you to give me your feedback...
How to vote
Using the poll below, simply click the radio button of the wheel colour option you like most, and click the 'Vote' button...

POLL... What colour wheels shall I get? free polls

Although I know which option I like best, I'm really keen to see what the general consensus is! And any other comments/ideas are welcome too!

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  1. Hi Daniel, despite the fact that you say you do not like the design of the Apollos, have a look on the ones called the Diamond cut - with the black centre. I did have a chance to compare 15'' CSR wheels with CR500 on them with 13'' Apollo wheels (both front and rear) with ZZR on them - the latter combination significantly lighter!!

    All the best, Igor


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