Saturday 14 January 2017

Academy Car - Shakedown - Bedford SEN Circuit

So it actually happened today... My first run out in the Academy Car at Bedford SEN circuit.

I'd been concerned going from the R500 to the Academy Car that I may not enjoy it as much, but I think I had even more fun in the Academy Car today - it was a total blast!

Here's three laps of onboard footage:-

A few hours on, and I'm still completely buzzing...  I don't know what made it so much fun, meeting up with some of this years Academy racers, great conditions, the close driving with other Academy cars, or just having to thrash the absolute life out of the car to get some pace... Probably a combination of the lot!

Having had SUCH a blast, my only problem now is the R500... Will I drive it on the roads?  Will I take it to track days?  Do I really need to own TWO Caterhams............?  I'll ponder on that, but the next track days are already booked in - Rockingham on the 28th and the day after, Donington...  I'm looking forward to them already!

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