Friday 30 December 2016

Academy Car - Shakedown (first attempt)

Today was the day I'd been looking forward to, for quite some time... The first drive in the Academy Car at Mallory Park...

Andy Morgan was also attending, and we both left early so as to miss the traffic (about 5am) and after driving in freezing fog for two and a bit hours we arrived at a near zero visibility Mallory Park around 8am.  Briefing was the usual, but we had to wait until further notice before any sighting laps got underway... And we waited, and waited and waited - no sign of the fog clearing and the day was eventually cancelled around midday - the picture below is of mine and Andy's Academy cars around the same time...
Mine and Andy Morgan's 2017 Caterham Academy Cars - picture taken around midday - extremely poor visibility
Mine and Andy Morgan's 2017 Caterham Academy Cars - picture taken around midday - extremely poor visibility
As we were preparing to leave, a chap called Louis (who's been reading the blog and also has a Seven) came to say hello and we had a good chat for a while, then a few minutes later James Batchelor (has an R500 Duratec) came and said hello too...

After nattering away with Louis and James for a good hour or so - the weather cleared (or nearly cleared) and with only our cars left in the car park, I thought it'd be rude not to have a quick go...

Even after that very short run, my initial feelings of the car are:-
  • very light steering feel
  • slllliiipppyyy open diff
  • non existent braking (hope they improve once bedded in) 
  • and a serious lack of power!   
The next shakedown attempt is scheduled for Bedford Autodrome on 14th Jan - I've ordered a 'no fog' pack too.


  1. Hi Daniel - I did the Academy in 2004 and have raced every year since....I'm sure you will enjoy it massively.

    What tool are you using for your dash overlay and do you have the Caterham dials as graphics? I use Trackvision and have often thought about creating some Caterham dials.....but haven't ever done it!

    1. Thank you Charles - I'm very excited about it...

      The video scene including the Caterham dials and pit board, is something I've spent a long time illustrating and creating in the VBOX video customisation software over the Xmas break. Pleased to hear it's been noticed already :-) I just need to slightly adjust the camera angle and then it'll be perfect!

      Hopefully see you out there...


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