Tuesday 20 December 2016

Academy Car - PBC done and car ready

Having lost the energy to complete the final few bits on the car, I had prepared myself for a rather large PBC (Post Build Check) bill, but to be fair it wasn't too bad... I gave the go-ahead last week, and the car is now ready for collection..!

Whilst the car is at Caterham Gatwick (and considering it's a fair drive for me to get to Gatwick) I decided to get the car setup on Caterham's laser alignment system.
My 2017 Caterham Academy challenger - ready for action
My 2017 Caterham Academy challenger - ready for action
I'll be collecting the car on Thursday, and all being well will be out on track on the 30th December.  Cool.


  1. What time do you plan to collect the car? I was planning on a trip to the showroom Thursday

    1. I'll be there at opening time, but won't be hanging around as I've lots to do tomorrow :-) have a good Xmas and New Year if I don't see you there...


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