Saturday 10 December 2016

Academy Car Build - Day Twenty Two - Intro and First Start

After spending a fair amount of time yesterday trying to get the car started, I decided to give up and go to bed - after all it was about midnight!

So early this afternoon I put a post on the Caterham Academy Facebook page, about any ideas why it wouldn't start... Pretty simple really - not enough fuel! ha ha 😭!  Another twenty litres went in, and I was confident it would start, so took this video:-

Tomorrow is Charlotte's birthday, so can't really do anything on the car and Monday Ian (from Caterham) will arrive to collect the car for it's PBC.  There are a few bits still to finish off, but I've had my fun in the build process, so will leave it up to Caterham to finish the rest...

...I'll certainly be consuming a few 'celebratory' beers 🍻 tonight - WELL HAPPY! 😀😀😀

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