Thursday 22 December 2016

Academy Car - Collection Day

A couple of days ago Dan Piper (Caterham service manager) let me know that the car was ready for collection, and we agreed I'd collect it today... Having thought that Xmas traffic would be a bit of a nightmare this morning, I decided to head down last night and 'glamp out' in the camper van for the evening... All went well, aside from Gatwick airport seeming like it was right next door!
My 'home' for the night!
My 'home' for the night!
Needless to say, with aircraft taking off (seemingly most of the night and right next to me!) I didn't get much sleep, but it was worth it to see the car for the first time, complete and in the metal! 
First sight of my completed 2017 Caterham Academy Car
First sight of my completed 2017 Caterham Academy Car
The first 'shakedown' track day is booked for the 30th of this month at Mallory Park, so all that's left to do now, is get the car home and enjoy the Xmas festivities 🎅🎉

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  1. daniel thanks for taking the time to write your blog, since you started to write the build of the r500 ive checked back in now and again... ive always enjoyed your posts... its like having a magazine subscription :)
    good luck with the shakedown.


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