Monday 5 December 2016

Academy Car Build - Day Seventeen - Rear Wings

Dave from Daytona Coachworx popped over this evening to mask up the spare nose cone.
Dave from Daytona marking up the stripes for the spare nose cone
Dave from Daytona marking up the stripes for the spare nose cone
Dave's taken the nose cone back to his bodyshop to finish off the spraying, along with the grille, both of which he'll be finishing off in the next day or two.

I've fitted the IVA piping and the rear wings this evening.
Rear wings fitted to 2017 Caterham Academy car
Rear wings fitted to 2017 Caterham Academy car
Tomorrow night I'll need to roll the car out of the garage to get some xmas decorations out from the eaves, so the wheels will be on, and I'll get the first 'real' look at what the car will look like when finished... I couldn't help, but give myself a 'sneak peek' this evening, so I fitted the nose cone and bonnet and then took this picture:-
First real look at my car - I'm chuffed to bits with how it's looking
Tomorrow evening I'll fit the rear lights, steering wheel and will bond the front wings on, and if there's enough time I'll possibly fit the exhaust too.


  1. Just a thought Daniel, but have you thought about replacing a front wing whilst at the track? Bonding them might not be the best idea. I would bolt or bighead/tie wrap them so they can be changed at the circuit. They're frequently damaged so you want them to break away or be swapped easily. Plastic bolts for the rear wings is a good idea too. Darren

    1. Thanks Darren - I think there's a few options for front wing fixing... Bonding, riveting or perhaps bolting - I wouldn't do the bighead/tie wrapping (based on experience), as I don't that's the best solution. I'll be using a little bit of Teroson to bond the wings, and will then rivet them too. And yes, plastic bolts have been used for the rear wings... Best regards...

  2. Hi Daniel
    Can I ask how you and the race guys fix the front wings?
    I have seen the plastic bolts for the rear wings but interested to here what you do on the fronts.
    I have found myself on your blog more and more as my build progresses, thank you for putting the time into it!!


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