Friday 17 March 2017

Donington Park GP Circuit - Track Day

Today was more race preparation and getting used to the car at a Book-a-Track track day at Donington Park GP Circuit.
Coming up to Starkeys Bridge at Donington Park GP Circuit
Coming up to Starkeys Bridge at Donington Park GP Circuit 
The day started off dry, but throughout the day the conditions became mixed, but one thing that was consistent was the gale force winds!  It started to rain mid morning, and it'd clearly got a bit 'less grippy' when I made this mistake, which is my first (of many I'm sure) gravel trap experience of the year:-

Luckily the car wasn't damaged, lunch came and went, and later on in the afternoon the track was fully dry, where I set this 1.54.27 which I think is just a tenth off the lap record (set in 2012)...  I'm pretty happy with that, as looking back at the video I'm sure I can go even quicker :-) 

Tomorrow is the first of this years 'Academy events' in our cars, so I'll look forward to meeting everyone, seeing their cars and just generally enjoying the day.

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