Saturday 18 March 2017

Green Group Handling Day

Today was the first of the 2017 Caterham Academy 'events' in our cars...  We all arrived around 8:30am for the briefing and then got advised of the groups for the day...

The day was split into three events, Mini Slalom around some cones, then followed by plenty of rain and wind and practice starts...  We stopped around mid morning for a break and then the cars went into a scrutineering bay to be checked over to see if there's any outstanding items we need to finish off prior to our sprint races...

It was then time for lunch, and afterwards we headed back out to the car park for more slalom action over two courses.
Enjoying the handling day
Enjoying the handling day
Towards the end of the day the two afternoon slalom courses were joined to make one larger slalom with the final two runs being timed and trophies for the top three...

The top three for the final slalom were:-
1st - David Spare
2nd - Ben Miller
3rd Matthew Creak

So I guess these will be people I'll be keeping an eye on this year - hopefully in my rear view mirror :-)  My final run was timed at a 28:49 which put me in seventh for the day...

All in all a good day out, and it was definitely useful to attend and practice some starts in the wet!  
The 2017 Caterham Academy Green Group
The 2017 Caterham Academy Green Group

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