Sunday 10 May 2015

Folembray Track Day

On the first bank holiday weekend of May-15 around thirty sevens (and a couple of westies) went on an weekend blat to St Quentin, France and back with some track action at Folembray in the middle.

Was a great, well organised weekend, with lots of good blatting to St Quentin - perhaps a bit 'too good' as a few of us collect a speeding ticket on the way.

After we'd handed over our 90 euro fine, we continued 'slowly' onto the hotel.  A bite to eat and a few beers later meant the first day was over and it was onto the track action at Folembray.

Folembray Circuit is located around an hour and a half south of Calais and seems to be a really nice little circuit, perfectly suited to Caterhams.  Below are a few on board videos of the action from the day.

The first video is four reasonably hot laps of the circuit (in the morning)... There was still a little understeer which I dialled out a little later on in the day.

some off board action - I took JV for a passenger ride, and afterwards all he could say is... "You shouldn't treat old people like that!" LOL!

....and finally my quickest lap of the day a 56.55 - which is around two seconds off the circuit record... I think there is plenty of extra time to be had, and the first thing that will help will be a flat flooring setup which I'm getting done by Rob at RatRace Motorsport this coming Wednesday... and perhaps a little more bravery on the high kerbs would help too!

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