Sunday 3 May 2015

My 'club' 100th Post

It feels like I've only been running this blog for a month or so, but it's been live for nearly 18 months at the time of writing this, my 100th post.

So I thought about a post related to the number 100, decided to write a quick post about club100 which is the karting championship I race in.

Club 100 is Europe's fastest arrive and drive karting championship.  The karts are made by Birel, direct drive (so no clutches), have 18bhp at 15,000rpm and are shod with Vega slick tyres - which makes them fast and all identical in spec.

The racing is arrive and drive, and the format of each race meeting is designed in a way to make the racing down to just driver skill - which is great.  Turn up, get the kart that's allocated to you for qualifying.  After qualifying you are allocated a different kart for your pre A final and then another kart for the main A final.

Last weekend (Sunday 26th May 2015) was my best result to date (this season).  I had a poor qualifying session which put me in twelfth for the start of the pre-a final.  I made up three places, finishing ninth and setting the class lap record in the process which put me on pole for the main A final.  I had a bit of a lazy race, made a couple of mistakes which allowed a couple of other drivers through and I eventually finished in third place.  There is a full race report on this page on the club 100 website.

Podium picture and on board videos below.
(pictured left to right) Darrell Lowe, Tim Hill and myself on the club 100 podium
(pictured left to right) Darrell Lowe, Tim Hill and myself on the club 100 podium
On board video of the pre-A final:-

On board video of the main A final:-

Chris Simpson also provides at some rounds some great coverage, and excellent commentary, and his video of the race is below:-

I think it's a very well run championship. The racing is close, fair, well marshalled and there is great fun and excitement too, all at a fraction of the cost of some of the more expensive forms of racing, and I'd highly recommend it.  A link to the club 100 website is here

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