Tuesday 22 November 2016

Blog Post Number 175 - The Final R500 post?

Having started this blog as something which was just a little build diary to myself, and what it transformed into - I was left wondering how long my motivation would last to keep writing posts...

I'd made a decision some time ago that the last blog post I was going to write would be number 175 (this post), as this is the car's number and I also thought that I would've been able to cover almost everything in terms of upgrades and so on with that many posts!

That led me to think that perhaps blog post number 174 was going to be when I listed the car for sale, and post number 175 would've been the handover (to the new owner) post.  However, I managed to deliberate myself out of selling the R500 for a while yet, so this is just another blog post....  But wait - I've had the car re-aligned at DPR Motorsport on their laser alignment setup, AND they've weighed it too... It's now only 530kg (without fuel) woo-hoo, so all of those 'lightness adding upgrades' are doing something...
The R500 getting some alignment loving, and a weigh-in too!
The R500 getting some alignment loving, and a weigh-in too!
The next 'lightness' to be added (aside from removing my controversial creature comforts - heater and carpets!) will be the nosecone sticker, and probably a set of Apollo wheels, which should get me down to 527kg / 526kg which with 255.1 bhp would give the car a power to weight ratio of  484 bhp/tonne!

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