Thursday 24 April 2014

A month later

It's been a month to the date since Caterham collected my car.

Still no fuel pump and no further progress that I'm aware of.  I've had the smooth over call from Dean Francis - the dealer principal at the midlands branch and he's agreed to sort everything out for me, and compensate me for the hassle / delay... However... The fuel pump was due in last week, which after me chasing has slipped over to this week.  I emailed Dean today to see if there was a progress update, but... I got an auto-reply to say he's out of the office until Monday next week. 

The fuel pump has been out of stock for a third of a year - how long am I supposed to wait?  Seriously!!?

I'm really not too sure what to do now.  I feel exhausted - not only mentally, but in terms of my options too.


  1. There are loads of options, start here: failing that do a search for "what can I buy for £40k?" on Google and spend some time going through the first 5 results. I particularly like the geodesic dome option on result 2 and probably more appropriate for your situation would be result 5......

  2. Legal proceedings to get all of your money back plus interest. You can't loose! Maybe also Caterham would learn something and improve their business.

  3. I have spent ages reading through many Caterham build diaries online as building one was top of my bucket list. Having read the problems you've had and then all the other tales of woe on blatchat I'm afraid to say that I am striking it off my list. I can't believe the poor service that you and it seems many others have received. It would just about be excusable if it was for a product worth £10k but for the money you have invested it is simply a disgrace.

    Best of luck getting things sorted and I hope that you can enjoy your car once the problems are solved.


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