Wednesday 30 April 2014

IVA booked and some progress

The Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) is booked!!! 8:30 on Friday this week (2nd May 2014).  This is much earlier than expected and as such is a refreshing change.  I thought the car would only be ready for the IVA by the end of this week - not actually being tested, so that's another well done to Dean and the team at Midlands CC.

Dean has kindly supplied some shots of additional progress that's been made.
The optional track day air box and k&n air filter fitted.
The optional track day air box and k&n air filter fitted.  The engine coil cover has been removed, but I've ordered a carbon coil cover as the one supplied was polycarbonate.  
Caterham R500 STACK dash.
The STACK dash up and running - this is the first time I've seen it switched on.  I'm looking forward to having the rev needle pointing in the opposite direction in the very near future (well after running it in of course!)
Dean suggested the guys at CC midlands would have the car IVA approved, and then complete the final remedial works during the three or so weeks it takes the DVLA to process and send the V5 through.  I'd be interested to see what seats they use and what the car looks like when it goes off to test - I'll see if Dean or someone can take some snaps of the process.

So as you can guess I'm now on tender hooks waiting for the all clear on the IVA...  Then it's up to the DVLA to get the V5 organised, CC to get the plates made and then it'll be time for collection!  Cool.

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