Tuesday 29 April 2014

It's alive!!! The First Start

It's alive..!  The car was started today at Caterham Midlands, and obviously the long awaited fuel pump works too!  No major revving involved in the video, as it's the first start, but it's great to see my car again and hear it for the first time...

The next stage is to ready it for IVA, and the planned target for that to happen is by the end of this week.  Dean (CC Midlands) suggested the IVA can be organised at quite short notice as all the paperwork was completed back in Feb.
Once the car has sailed through the IVA (positive frame of mind!) then it's a waiting game for the V5 to come through from the DVLA.  During the few days / weeks we wait for the V5 to come through Dean will be organising for the final issues (that I highlighted in my fairly comprehensive PBC document) to be rectified completely.
Then it'll be collection time - bring it on..!  I hope to be able to post with some updates in the meantime.


  1. Although this video is wonderful, what isn't clear is what I'd like to call the "seat count". I'm not entirely sure you could rag this round a track without seats. I do know that most car manufacturers do tend to provide seats as a non cost option as it helps with safety and stuff....

  2. Quite possibly (and genuinely) the funniest comment I've had to date.


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