Monday 2 June 2014

Friday is the day

So we've managed to agree a delivery date (major drama's aside) of friday this week - yay!  Finally..!

Which means the car is literally coming together right now...  It should be registered by the DVLA tomorrow with the car having it's final rebuild by Simon at CC midlands over the next couple of days... The seats and harnesses are being collected from Dartford tomorrow and should be fitted Wednesday.  Interestingly with the 620R seat runners CC have a slightly different mounting point than the standard Tillets, which means there'll be an extra set of drill holes, but this is ok - out of sight out of mind and all that... Similarly to where the lowered floor meets the body panels, I'll ask to get the now unused holes filled with a touch of black silicone.

A couple of the exhaust primaries were scuffed - again right out of the box, but Dean agreed to get the scuffs polished out and these have now been fitted:-
Caterham R500 exhaust primaries now sparkling
Caterham R500 exhaust primaries now sparkling!

Caterham R500 exhaust primaries
Caterham R500 exhaust primaries
With the upcoming delivery in mind I had a quick check of some of the bits I need to change on delivery / over the coming weekend and evenings:-

  • Swap windscreen for aero screen and fit mirrors
  • Remove cat and put cat bypass pipe in place
  • Remove any IVA trim I don't need
  • Exchange rear light units for carbon light blocks
  • Replace indicator bulbs and lenses for clear versions
  • Fit carbon headlights (now back from manufacturer looking very nice indeed)
  • Fit carbon tax disc holder
  • Fit carbon handbrake handle (not too sure I want to do this right now, may leave it for a week or so)
  • And finally - inspect every minor detail with a magnifying glass and moan to Dean about any issues (joking) :-)
Caterham carbon accessories including headlights, rear light blocks, handbrake lever and tax disc holder
Caterham carbon accessories including headlights, rear light blocks, handbrake lever and tax disc holder


  1. Good Luck Daniel, it'll all be worth it, looks gorgeous. Why not book it in at a photo studio for some really nice portraits know a Dorian Gray kinda thing :-) Before the first blat.
    (Seriously, it would be great to have a record of all the hard work)

    Looking forward to seeing you out there.


    1. cheers matey - won't be too long now... Another update will follow tonight :-)

    2. Definitely, you need to remember how it was - a hole you made there, another there, a special 'factory' supplied hole, here's where you first used your Dremmel. Here is where you scraped my knuckle getting the engine in. Ahh memories, then when you have lots of lovely moody photos you'll know exactly how to put it back together again after it's removed from a crash barrier.....!

    3. Jon - you'll be the first to get a video'd passenger ride once she's run in.... And as a special 'treat' just for you, I'll see how close I can get to the fujitsu roundabout concrete barriers whilst travelling anti clockwise - I think only then you'll know what feeling 'alive' really means :-)

    4. Dan, forget a video'd ride - I want to be in the passenger seat......!

    5. yes - you will be... Give me a few days to run her in first...


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