Monday 9 June 2014

Video Overview, First Drives and Initial Thoughts

It's three days since the R500 finally came back from Caterham Midlands.  I took a video before I went out in it on the Friday, as I wanted to video it in it's delivery state...  It's taken a little while before I've had some spare time to redo the voice over (as my first one was rubbish!) so... here's my Caterham R500 video 'tour':-
If there's anything else you want me to video in detail - perhaps the engine bay, or something else, just let me know.

After taking the video above, it was time to go out in it...  As I'm running it in, I can only really do 'around' 5,000rpm... After 500 miles it'll be run in and ready for the full beans with the red line at 8,750rpm!  Here's a few snippets of my blats to date (all with passengers I'm afraid!)...

In all fairness to taking passengers out... Everyone who's been in it has absolutely loved the experience... Myself included (obviously)..!  Some of the comments have been "I don't get cars, but that is absolutely amazing", "holy fcuk that's fast", "it's like a massive go-kart", "it's really good fun" and so on.

My initial thoughts were on my last post, but to re-iterate to anyone out there waiting for their Caterham to arrive - it is GENUINELY worth the wait... The handling, power, braking, feelings, experience, analogue connection with the car and road are all absolutely fantastic - and I can't wait to go out in it again.


  1. Well you took it on the best road locally I can see, many a good time I had on that road with my M3.....Sold. I'll have one, where's the order form?

  2. Awesome! Great blog mate, I've enjoyed reading your story and love the video!


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