Monday 11 August 2014

Bedford Autodrome Track Day

So my first proper track day... A month or so ago I went to Curborough Sprint course (link to post here) which was a track day too, I guess... but it was only one car on the circuit at a time and the laps were being timed too.

Today I was at Bedford Autodrome and as it is one of the toughest circuits in the UK in terms of noise, the restrictions for the day (which I think are the same throughout the year) were 101db static and 87.5db drive by.  So I pulled up, got tested at 5,500RPM and came in at 99.5db!  Preeetttyyy close to the limit!  Very glad I've got the Raceco can and carbon airbox now, as with the pipercross air filter and standard exhaust, there's no way it'd pass.

So onto the briefing (yawn) and then it was time to hit the track.  Below are some videos of the day... Chasing down some Ariel Atoms:-

Here is a video of some of the sideways moments and drifting / general playing around with the rear end...

Chasing down a new 991 GT3 - which sounded very nice and was driven extremely well by an 80 year old chap... He took me for a passenger ride in it, and he could drive... powersliding, drifting, deep in the braking zones, the lot!  I couldn't believe it... Amazing really.

And here's another view of the same action this time from Andy's onboard cam...  He done well to keep up as he has an R300, but... was running on slick tyres with flat floored suspension too... nice.

As you can see from the videos the gearbox was giving me a little bit of grief, and we ended up getting black flagged for noise... This was because the three of us were running very close together and were getting close to the db limits...  However as we were having so much fun, we didn't care, and it was the end of the day anyway.

A great day out, and am already looking forward to my next track day.  I'm also looking forward to getting that gearbox looked at too, but that's not until early September.

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